How Subnet Mask Works

The limitations on the IPv4 networks have led to the creation of Subnet masks. Through specific processes, the subnet mask can be used for isolating the IP addresses. Get insights on subnet masks and how they work. A subnet mask  consists of bit patterns. These are used to distinguish and isolate precise parts of an

How to Clean Unwanted files and Registry error in Windows

There are some unwanted files and registry errors which uses system space and slows down your system. These files can be deleted manually but it takes some time. There is a software by Ccleaner which deletes all unwanted files and folders in recycle bin, deletes cookies of internet browsers and registry errors etc. This software

Review of Nokia Portable Brain Scanner

Have you ever thought that you could monitor the neural signals of your brain and that too without going to the hospital? Now you can do that. All you need is a Nokia smartphone and an EEG headset (commercially available one). For the first time an EEG headset is powered by a phone. The EEG

Use Webmail Notifier for Checking Unread Emails

Waiting for an important email from boss? Tired of constantly checking your email accounts for new emails?  Switch to webmail notifier for solution to multiple hassles and to save time/stress. Webmail notifier is a Mozilla add-on that checks your emails at constant intervals and display’s notifications whenever you receive a new email. Just install the

Top 4 Free Vpn Service Providers

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN is used to protect your identity online and to bypass firewalls implemented in schools and colleges. Most of the youngsters use VPN to connect to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Top 4 Free VPN Service Proiders There are lot of Free VPN service providers. Listed below