Google Adsense App

If you want to keep track of your adsense earnings whilst on the move, then this app from Google, can keep you up to date of your adsense earnings throughout the day. Easy way to access key data The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to access key data from your AdSense and AdMob

WeChat For PC Download

WeChat for Pc App is a superb application that makes it possible for users to chat with friends as long as they have internet connection. It is available for Smartphones such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Nokia. Now, you can download wechat for pc which is available for Window Computer and PC. The App can

Different types of CMS

The reference to different types of CMS is the result of the specialized functions and operations for which they are used. There are different types of reasons for which the use of different software applications are required and this leads to their segregation of categories. There are those that are more viable in their use

Two biggest SEO Techniques to Overcome Negative Publicity

I know how much it hurts when you find someone saying bad things about you or your business. Any kind of negative publicity can be fatal for online businesses where criticism or negative remarks can throw you out of the market in a heartbeat. With increased global connectivity, the role of negative publicity has become

How to convert WAV files to MP3

Wav files are large and occupy a lot of disk space, but you can change them into mp3 format to save space without compromising quality. Today there are many programs that can convert wav into mp3. Use a converter and change those wav files to mp3  easily.  Here is a guide on how to convert wav

3 Ways You Can Be Found By a Search Engine Spider

Internet marketers often make the mistake of putting too much value into key terms for their website. With all the hype we hear about the importance of keywords, it can be all too easy to get wrapped up in it.  Search engine optimization (SEO) relies on several factors, which includes direct relevance, URLs, key terms

Top 4 Disposable Email Address Providers

To avoid being bombarded with spam mails when signing up with newletters on unpopular websites or while trying to get a trial copy of the software, you need disposable email address. There are a few service providers that offer disposable email addresses. In this post, I will share a few of them. Top 4 Disposable

How Subnet Mask Works

The limitations on the IPv4 networks have led to the creation of Subnet masks. Through specific processes, the subnet mask can be used for isolating the IP addresses. Get insights on subnet masks and how they work. A subnet mask  consists of bit patterns. These are used to distinguish and isolate precise parts of an

How to Clean Unwanted files and Registry error in Windows

There are some unwanted files and registry errors which uses system space and slows down your system. These files can be deleted manually but it takes some time. There is a software by Ccleaner which deletes all unwanted files and folders in recycle bin, deletes cookies of internet browsers and registry errors etc. This software

Review of Nokia Portable Brain Scanner

Have you ever thought that you could monitor the neural signals of your brain and that too without going to the hospital? Now you can do that. All you need is a Nokia smartphone and an EEG headset (commercially available one). For the first time an EEG headset is powered by a phone. The EEG