We can not say that Apple products are the kings of autonomy and you better have the charger close by to avoid failure.  We give you some tips to avoid a flat battery on your iPhone …

  • Turn off the key sound

It may sound stupid, but the key sound on the iPhone consumes more battery than it seems. Disable it and the more it will make your life more peaceful.

  • Use the battery saving tools

Reduce activity too intensive applications by enabling the mode “energy saving” and follow the advice given in the iOS “Settings” menu, then “Battery.”

  • Disable Location Services

If you do not need to geotag or use an application that needs it (Uber, Hitch, Private driver, maps, etc.), it is unnecessary to keep the geolocation service activity. It is very energy intensive. In the same vein, turn off bluetooth and airdrop.

  • Disable 4G

4G can significantly accelerate the speed of your iPhone on the Internet. Unfortunately, 4G also accelerates battery consumption. Result, it is better to disable the option to revert to 3G. To perform this operation, go to “Settings” and then “Cellular Data”, “Options”, “voice and data” and click on “3G”.

  • Lock the device after each use

As soon as you no longer use, lock the iPhone, or put the automatic locking to a minimum.To do this, go to “Settings,” then “General”, “Auto-Lock”, and select “1 minute”.

  • Use Wi-Fi to the maximum

Prefer Wi-Fi network to 4G, because on one hand it will save mobile data, but also the battery. Also, be aware that the connection is faster over Wi-fi.

  • Dim the lights of the screen

The screen of the iPhone takes quite battery especially when the brightness is at maximum.Decrease it manually to save the battery. For this, you must first disable the automatic adjustment, if the iPhone continues to adapt itself the screen brightness according to the light that surrounds you.

  • Disable updates in the background

With iOS 7, applications update themselves in the background without you knowing. It’s convenient, but it largely impacts the battery life of your iPhone battery. To remove them, go to “Settings”, then “background Actualization” and uncheck dragging the cursor to the left.

  • Disable automatic updating of applications

It’s very convenient, unfortunately it nibbles lot of battery. Here’s how to disable this feature and save precious minutes. Simply go to “Settings”, “iTunes Store and Apple Store”, “Disable updates.” If you disable this feature, consider once every month to update your application by going to the Apple Store.

  • Make use of airplane mode wisely

You are in a meeting and you do not want anyone bothering you or you go play sports or you decide to go to the movies, then snap mode “Airplane”. If you still have some battery and want to keep it for later, it’s a good trick too, do not hesitate to abuse it.

  • Put voluntarily drains the battery once a month

This is a lesser known trick. To keep your iPhone several years, one of the tricks that walking is the emptying once a month its battery until your device is completely extinguished. Then, recharge up to 100% to improve the quality of the battery. Apple says on its website that: “To care for a lithium battery, it is necessary that the electrons in it are moved from time to autre.Toutefois, do not leave your device idle too long otherwise it depletes the battery” . Other advice on the burden, do not realize with the case of the device to prevent the battery from heating too hard, and so you will improve his life. Finally, in the summer, do not charge your iPhone in sunlight.

For the latest iPhone (iPhone and iPhone 6s 7)

  • Delete the haptic feedback

Haptic feedback, many of you use it, it is these small vibrations that confirm you that you have touched your touchscreen. There is absolutely worthless and take the battery unnecessarily. To delete the direction “Settings,” then “Sounds and vibrations” and “Disable System Vibrations option”.

  • Disable “Tell Siri”

If you are not using the Apple staff assistant, no reason to leave it active because it stings battery. To do this, simply go to “Settings,” then “General”, “Siri,” and “Disable option Tell Siri”.

  • Turn off “Lever for activating”

“Sunrise to activate” on iOS 10 awakens your iPhone when lifting and displays your widgets and notifications. This novelty is little used and it is also an energy gain for the battery of deleting it. Go to “Settings,” then “Brightness and display” and uncheck the “Sunrise to activate.”