Microsoft set a target of one billion devices by 2017 …

Launched in July last, the WIndows 10 operating system is present on 200 million PCs worldwide. Microsoft has officially announced Monday as some estimates based on Internet traffic, including that of the website  Silicon, betting on 164 000 000.

Surging, Windows 10 has displayed at December 1 global market share of 10 %%, against 9% in the previous month, according  Netmarketshare, specialized site analyzing traffic than 40,000 websites.

Objective: one billion devices with 2017

If the numbers differ slightly from side to StatCounter (11.84% market share in December), the operating system is nice is present on a computer about ten of the planet.

Windows 10 moves then, according to specialized websites, fourth most popular operating system for personal computers the most used in the world, behind its predecessors Windows 7, XP and 8.1. However, the firm is still far from reaching its objective, set at one billion devices with Windows 10 by 2017.