The 360cam Giroptic can take photos in 3d

Weighing just 200 grams, the 360cam Giroptic photographs and films to 360 °.

It’s official: the camera Giroptic 360cam which we had often crossed prototypes will be well under the tree this year. Developed by a French start-up, it revolutionized the world of extreme cameras …

With its Giroptic 360cam, the start-up based in Lille, France,  Giroptic prepares to redefine the codes regarding cam action. After 2 years of research, developed through participatory financing (with raising $ 2.4 million fund for 150,000 dollars expected), the small camera will be on the shelves for the holiday season. Its price: 499 euros. But what is so revolutionary?

Photos and videos 360

With its look of Alien (one thinks of Jabba Hutt in Star Wars!), The 360cam integrates three objectives with a view angle of 185 °. And as many sensors 8 megapixels. Developed by the start-up which already employs 30 people, a software handles immortalized merge the three images to form one single.

The surfing at the heart of pictures on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The surfing at the heart of pictures on a computer, smartphone or tablet. – GIROPTIC

The camera can then photograph and film the environment 360. It is the spirit Google StreetView. Waterproof to 10 meters, you can fix it on a pole selfie or other media with its screw.

Virtual reality and civilian drones

Photos (4K) and video (2K) are stored on microSD card. With up to 128GB onboard, it is possible to record 28 hours of video. But the images of Giroptic 360cam can also be streamed. A compatible platform (like Wowza) then allow viewing on a smartphone. Thus, we can move the heart of the 360 shots the tip of the index.Better: we already imagine the potential of video camera if used with a helmet virtualreality, such as the Oculus Rift or Google Board Card … And at a time when the market for civilian drones explodes a river on 360cam a quadricopter to perform 100% immersive videos already dreaming …