Since Alpha Galaxy, Samsung wants to reconnect with the best finished products and less cheap materials. Confirm with the A3 and A5, the mid-range smartphones eyeing the Premium …

With its new smartphones A3 and A5 (Generation 2016) launched this week, the manufacturer confirms the good resolutions at the end of 2014 with the Galaxy Alpha and mid-2015 with its Galaxy S6 Edge / Edge +. And one can be welcomed because, yes, well, Samsung, plastic is not fantastic …

The soundness and more

Made in quality? Exit the shells of plastic. 4G, with Super AMOLED screens 4.4 ” to 5.2 ”, the Galaxy 3 and A 5 are covered on either side of reinforced glass Gorilla Glass Corming 4. According to the American manufacturer Gorilla Glass, this glass can resist 80% of falls from a metre high.

On smartphones sold respectively at  309 euros and 409 euros, it’s a nice promise, strengthened by the addition of metallic contours. Recall that the broken screens constitute for 69% of the most frequently encountered by owners of smartphones problems (source: UFC-Que Choisir).

More capacity

Samsung also emphasizes the quality of its picture taken on the A3 and A5 with sensors of 13 and 15 megapixels whose aperture focal length f/1.9 allows good photos in low light views.  The A5 also has an optical stabilization. Powered by 4 in house designed processors and eight cores, the A3 and A5 also see the capacity of their battery strengthened compared to the models of the 2015 collection: 2300 mAh against 1900 mAh for the A3 and 2900 mAh against 2300 mAh for the A5. Internal memory is enlarged to 16 GB with possibility of extension up to 128 GB. The last little would they have any of the great?

A misleading design

A look at the competition. The 2016 A3 is found in the ring facing the excellent Asus Zenfone 2 or the Archos 50 Diamond smartphone with a solid reputation. Too bad the screen is only A3 HD. For its part, the A5 – that is Full HD – will have to fight with the Honor 7 or Google Nexus 5, models often referenced. So, we can almost regret that the design of the two new offspring is not more original to distinguish them from their rivals.  Mini-clones of the Galaxy S6, is what they probably try to pass for, but they are not.  We will have to wait to see if Samsung testify that 2016 will be the year of the reconquest.