is top of the app store for iOS

Screen Captutre of for the iOS

Appeared on the App Store on July 8, the game design is childish but at the top of the most downloaded applications on iPad and iPhone …

Do your friends frantically pat on their iPhone when speaking of “molecules”? Do not worry about their mental the iPhone and iPad.  A phenomenon that is heading for the same success that Candy Crush ?

Fighting molecules

The principle of is as simple as its design is minimalist: the player is a molecule that has to move it down to smaller molecules and grow constantly without being eaten itself by a larger molecule. Other molecules that move around are run by other players that play on their smartphone simultaneously.

Two commands complicate things a bit: it is possible to divide the two molecule to take up more space on the screen and also ejecting some of its mass to go faster.  You must use strategy to avoid being ejected from the game after 30 seconds and get keep calm and not get excited as during part of Flappy Bird. Beware of addiction.