According to “Bloomberg”, the decision was made ​​for economic reasons …

This may be one of the first major consequence of Google’s restructuring into a holding company called alphabet. According to Bloomberg, the company is selling Boston Dynamics, known for its robots to two and four legs, bought in 2013. The decision, which has not yet been officially confirmed to be due to economic reasons: Alphabet believes that no marketable product will be ready to medium term.

According to Bloomberg
, potential buyers include the Toyota Research Institute and Amazon, which seeks to develop robots to work in its warehouses.

$ 500 million

Google bought Boston Dynamics in late 2013 for $ 500 million, probably to please Andy Rubin, head of Android, which wanted to control a robotics division. But Rubin eventually left Google in 2014, and the collaboration between engineers from Google and those from Boston Dynamics have never really taken.

Finally, it may be good news. Alphabet, the program AlphaGo just crushed the world champion of Go, Lee Se-dol, could one day become Skynet. But at least the conglomerate will not have to Terminator to him to take control of the planet.