Hackers have created a web page containing a video which, when opened by users, puts the media server smartphone offline …

A new vulnerability has been found in mobile phones running Android , the Google operating system.  Named Metaphor, it worries the professionals of computer security.  They have, indeed, found a video which, when opened by users, puts the media server smartphone offline.

Metaphor operates without the owner of the phone noticing

The system then tries to reset and it is at this point that launches a program designed to recover the data stored in the phone.

FredZone  specifies that the entire terminal operation contamination does not last more than 15 seconds and by exploiting another flaw named Stagefright, Metaphor operates without the phone owner does not realize it.

During the summer of 2015, Stagefright (integrated media playback tool for Android) gave nightmares to Google who had struggled to make a harmless weakness of its mobile operating system present in 95% of Android devices.

Metaphor is based on Stagefright flaw that has already proven in 2015

Automatically uploading video clips attached to texting to avoid the recipient having to wait to watch, Stagefright was his guard down in front Adroid system to simple text messages including multimedia content sent by hackers. This even before the owner of the smartphone might notice it.

Patches and protection programs developed since the US giant has not, apparently, not enough to completely remove the malware, which is in any case remained active enough so that hackers can count 2.0 using Metaphor on the device to complete their sabotage.