TECHNOLOGY: Google is inspired by Apple and responds to the demand of manufacturers with Android P …

The notch of the iPhone X is a bit of a wart that ruins a beautiful full screen. But this cut screen area, which is used to integrate several sensors, is for the moment an industrial compromise. And while the clones of the latest smartphone from Apple arrive (by Wiko, Asus and several Chinese manufacturers, pending OnePlus and LG), Android P, the next version of the Google OS, launched Wednesday in “developers preview”, now supports this truncated display.

Developers can test their app with an emulator that can simulate notches of different sizes and shapes. Many phones should be seen adopting this format in the next 18 months, until the manufacturing process makes progress to offer a truly full screen.

Launch in October for the general public

In addition to traditional performance and battery optimizations, Android P offers:

  • Tighter control of sleep apps access to the camera.
  • Support for the latest standard of HDR screens (dynamic contrast, including content from Netflix, YouTube and Amazon).
  • Improved indoor positioning thanks to mapping via the wifi signal.
  • Some aesthetic changes in the notifications and the suggested answers.

The final version of Android P should, as in previous years, be launched next October with the presentation of the 3rd generation of smartphones Pixel.