PHOTO:  And should see its user base explode …

Eighteen months that green robot expecting that. Tuesday, Instagram, the photo app on iPhone queen has finally been paid to the OS Google (Android 2.2 and higher).

To celebrate the release, Instagram has released figures on its progress: the app free, has 30 million registered users; they uploaded, since 2010, more than a billion photos; Every second, more than 500 “likes” and 80 comments are published.

mobile social network

For those who missed the start, Instagram is an app that lets you apply effects on your photos via a series of filters. You can follow people like on Twitter , and will be a mobile social network focused on the photo-or share them on other networks.

It becomes addictive. The filters are a good way to play with moving pictures just yet sometimes a little-even if the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy SII / Nexus now have little to envy to compact cameras entry.

On Android, the app uses exactly the same filters, and after some tests, impossible to see the difference. Only lacking -for the moment-blur effects, but they should come.

13 employees

Instagram should quickly see its user base doubled. A little less than 200 million iPhones were activated, against 500 million Android smartphones. Instagram also announced a partnership with another star photo app, Hipstamatic, to build a bridge between the services to post photos.

The startup attracted investors: it has already raised several million dollars. According to the Wall Street Journal , it is conducting a new round, which is expected to reach $ 40 million, which would value the company at $ 500 million. Not bad, with only 13 employees.