Those who have paid for a repair will be reimbursed …

The protection should never have affect customers this way. Ten days after the controversy of the iPhone blocked “error 53” after an update, Apple finally offers a solution. Everyone should be able to loosen his iPhone, and those who have already paid for a repair at Apple will be reimbursed via the after-sales service.

Apple is deploying a new version of the update iOS 9.2.1, which can be installed only via iTunes. In detail, it is necessary:

  • Close iTunes and disconnect iPhone.
  • Set iTunes to update to the latest version if it is not already.
  • Connect your iPhone to PC / Mac via USB cable.
  • Choose “Select Device.”
  • Select “Restore” and follow the instructions.
  • In “Touch ID” screen, select “install Touch ID later.”

If you have already paid for a repair “warranty-out” in an Apple Store, it will be possible to be reimbursed by contacting Apple .

The update does not fix the Touch ID system

Apple, however, that “if the Touch ID system was not working before,” update “will not fix” the problem. Indeed, the current system protects the fingerprint identification.For repairs, a specific procedure must be followed to resynchronize a key to prevent a malicious person access to an iPhone by replacing the drive.

It seems that the non-accredited shops were not aware of this subtlety, and repairs to the Touch ID system or the screen could lead to blocking. It was however simply disable the Touch ID system – leaving the iPhone protected by PIN code – not completely block the smartphone. “We apologize for the inconvenience,” said Apple in a statement made ​​to the website TechCrunch .