Apple rumoured to be switching to OLED screnns for future phones

Apple’s use of organic electroluminescent displays on its next iPhone could hurt LCDs Japanese manufacturers – SAEED KHAN AFP

The US computer giant Apple plans to use …

The US computer giant Apple plans to use organic electroluminescent displays (OEL or OLED) on next generations of iPhone smartphones, which could affect Japanese LCD manufacturers, said Thursday in a Japanese newspaper the Nikkei.

At the Tokyo Stock Exchange, this information has reduced the shares of the two major Japanese specialists of liquid crystal displays (LCD) such as Sharp and Japan Display: the first dropped after trading 7.54% 380 yen, the second 6.66% to 140 yen.

Companies of components and materials used in LCD screens were also affected, such as Minebea (-7.54% to 1324 yen) and Nitto Denko (-4.93% to 8348 yen).

Conversely, suppliers involved in OLED technology surged, in the image of Hodogaya Chemical (+ 27.62% to 231 yen), Ulvac (+ 6.45% to 3165 yen) or Dynic (+7 69% to 182 yen).

Saying rely on information provided by the group at the apple to suppliers, stated that the US business newspaper group would consider the job on the new Oled iPhone to be marketed in 2018.

However, LCD models will be offered in parallel given the difficulty of guaranteeing that date enough organic screens to meet demand (it probably would take more than 200 million, according to the Nikkei).

Providers of these screens, the merit of which is in particular to be more energy-efficient and high-contrast, would then South Korean LG and Samsung, the only really able to provide mass-OLED 2018.

The first already planning to invest in new production lines, still indicates the Nikkei.Samsung already manufactures about him Oled in large quantities it uses since 2010 for Galaxy smartphones.

If Apple turns by the deadline to the OLED, this could have a severe impact on Japan Display and Sharp. It could even be the coup de grace for the Sharp LCD business, which is already in great financial difficulty while Apple is for him a very important customer, as it is for Japan Display. Sharp and Japan Display are the OLED research phase.

If the choice of Apple is confirmed, it could precipitate a reconciliation of activities LCD Sharp and Japan Display which is rumored that it is already envisaged. The boss of Japan Display has even said in the press favorable to such an initiative would be carried out with the support of a Japanese semi-public funds, INCJ.