TECHNOLOGY: Apple Macbook Pro available from  preorder from today …

That was almost four years was expected a new Macbook Pro. Apple has finally unveiled its new baby, Thursday. And if the design has changed little, the new “Touch bar”, which replaces the functions keys (F1-F12) is not a simple gadget. Available for pre-order for a delivery expected in “two to three weeks”, the Macbook Pro is in the tradition of  Apple: they are expensive (from 1.999 euros for the 13-inch model and 2,699 euros for the 15 inches. ) but well finished and they generally retain a good resale value.

A “touch bar” multi-function

The leaks were so right. The first line of the keyboard, on which was the Escape and F1-F12 keys disappears. It is replaced by a “touch bar”, a long strip which is actually a touchscreen OLED color.

So, this bar is contextual. It can display different buttons depending on the program used: in Mail, it provides buttons to archive or meet with Photoshop, it controls the contrast and color in iMessage, it suggests the next word or emoji. In short, it’s a bit like iOS functions are invited in MacOS. Certainly, we could do everything in the mouse before. But even if the touchpad has been greatly expanded, it still saves time if the right button is available immediately.

Thinner, lighter, more powerful

The rest of the new MacBook Pro offers an incremental evolution. It is about 15% thinner and 20% less bulky to 200 grams lighter than the previous generation (1.36 kg for the 13-inch, 1.8 kg for 15 inches). Finally, the power gain allows them to return at the Microsoft Surface Book. Choosing between a Mac and a PC has never been so complicated.