SMARTPHONE:  In September 2015, Apple provided the “Move from iOS ‘application to facilitate the migration of a smartphone Android from iOS …

Information from Telegraph is taken lightly, but specialized sites are in turmoil. The British newspaper, citing “a source close to the matter,” said this Monday that Apple has secretly be working on an application that would transfer content (contacts, music or photos) of its iPhone (iOS) to an Android smartphone .

To believe The Telegraph, the California firm would sell by the pressure of European operators, worried that very few of their users leave their smartphone apple flanked by a fear of losing their data.

Mastodon Web has not denied reports

The ubiquitous Apple, which is reluctant to make its products compatible with those of the competition, would he then put water in his wine, developed to adapt to the operating system of his best enemy, Google? For now, the mastodon Web has not denied the information, and The Telegraph, he continues to be a future app “easy to use” and landing very “soon”.

To recall, last September, Apple provided the “Move to iOS” app to facilitate migration of an Android smartphone to its iOS.