TECHNOLOGY: The company, Apple updates its range and launches Clips, a new app video …

Apple had not organized keynote for the occasion. As usual when it refreshes the range of iPads and iPhones, the company has just sent a press release to present two new products: a 9.7 inch iPad entry, which replaces the iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 7 (7 and more) all red. Apple also launched Clips, a video app for iOS eyeing the side of Snapchat stories.

A new iPad to 409 euros

The iPad Air 2, launched in 2014, getting old. With the new 9.7 inch iPad, Apple treats its input range with an aggressive price of 409 euros (329 dollars just in the US) for the 32GB model, with a chip A8X replaced by a 64-bit A9 processor launched iPhone 6S.

This time, Apple has focused on price to measurements. This iPad is thicker than the Air 2 (7.5 mm vs 6,1mm) and slightly heavier (469 grams against 437). It will be available for preorder on Friday for delivery next week. Remains to be seen if it will boost the iPad sales nearly halved between 2014 and 2017 .

IPhone red 7

Apple added a color to its range, with a metallic red look great. This is a partnership with the initiative (Red), which pays money to the Global Fund against AIDS, as with the iPod Nano it was 10 years ago. This special edition is that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus 128 and 256 GB Translation:. It costs at least 879 euros for 1019 and 7 euros for 7 more. As for the iPad preorders open Friday for delivery at the end of March.

Clips, a fun video app

The app Clips Apple will be launched in April on iOS.

The app Clips Apple will be launched in April on iOS. – APPLE

Clips, which allows to have fun with photos and shot videos filters and emoji, looks at first glance like a clone of Snapchat. But this is neither a social nor a messaging app Creatives stored locally and then can share via iMessage or any other app (Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr etc.). Given Apple’s liability for social functions (Ping, Apple Music), this is probably the best approach for the company. Who does not forget to add some useful features, such as captions and subtitles that can dictate by voice. Free, Clips will be launched in April, only on iOS.