The Apple iPhone 6c is expected to launch early 2016

A client tests an iPhone 6 in a Apple Store. – JUSTIN SULLIVAN/AFP

The information was relayed by a Chinese website …

An iPhone 6c scheduled for February 2016? The information was relayed by the Chinese site Techweb, who gleaned this information from a supplier of Apple.

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 5c, this new model is still expected to be colourful, but an anodized coloured aluminum casing would replace the plastic housing, said 01net.  It is also rumoured to have a 4-inch screen, and  it also would have a fingerprint sensor Touch ID.  No mention of whether it will have the touch sensitivity of the newer range.

Iphone estimated to launch between 400 and 500 dollars

The sale of the new product is expected to land at the same time to coincide with the Chinese New Year.  the marketplace in China is the second largest market after North America.

According to Le Figaro, the price of the iPhone 6c is expected to range between 400 and 500 dollars, which is cheaper than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, released in the latter part of this year, 2015.