The Apple brand encourages its users to the latest update …

Apple  urged users to update their iOS phone after the attack of a dissident UAE through an Israeli spy software, reported US media. The US computer group communicated its latest downloadable update 9.3.5 on Thursday to address three vulnerabilities found in its products, said the New York Times .

These flaws have been exploited by the Israeli company NSO, specializing in spy software, according to the US daily, with products that can read messages, intercept calls and sound recorded on phones. The NSO spy software was discovered after Ahmed Mansoor , a rights activist Emirati man, had raised the alarm.

It is not known from which this information theft

After receiving suspicious text messages with an Internet link, the dissident warned the Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto, specializing in computer censorship, working with the California cyber security company Lookout, told USA Today . “The attack makes it possible to take control of the iPhone and spy remotely victims, collecting information from applications including Gmail, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Calendar, FaceTime, Line, Mail. Ru and others, “said Lookout in a post on his blog.

John Scott-Railton, one of the authors of the report on this attack of Citizen Lab said it had found the NSO group from the link received by Ahmed Mansoor. However, they have not discovered any country or entity used the software to spy on Israeli Emirati activist.

“This discovery is further evidence that mobile platforms are a breeding ground for the collection of sensitive information and that threatening and resourceful actors regularly operate this mobile environment,” said Lookout .