ADIOS: Apple’s latest restrictions have pushed Instagram to abandon the Apple Watch dial …

The Instagram app will soon be unavailable on the Apple Watch . Users who have already updated the 39.0 version of the application have already noticed its disappearance.

The description of the Instagram app is now clear on the subject: “This app is only available for iOS devices,” reports 01Net .

New Apple restrictions

This abandonment is caused by the restrictions put in place by Apple. Since April 1st, all app updates “must use the watchOS 2 SDK or later”, and newcomers “must be created with the watchOS 4 SDK”, so they are native apps created specifically for the connected watch.

Arrived in 2015 on the Apple Watch, the application of Instagram has not changed since WatchKit 1.0, at a time when applications for the watch were necessarily linked to an iOS version . In addition, Instagram has not integrated the latest features of the Apple Watch, such as the ability to rely on an LTE connection, says Numerama .

Lacunary application

Anyway, the version of Instagram developed for the watch had never convinced. Unattractive viewing of photos, poor design, inconvenient navigation and lack of messaging:  the application only displayed the activity feed and the latest publications.

Instagram, which has therefore preferred to abandon its application rather than comply with the requirements of Apple, joins Amazon , Google and Twitter. All three have already left the ship of Apple Watch in recent years.