Specialist social networks, Romain Rissoan harshly judge the announcement of Twitter to reverse its restriction on the number of characters …

Twitter does it seek to please the talkative? Ten years after its creation, the social network is set to launch at the end of the first quarter, a feature that would end its limiting messages to 140 characters. “We spent time observing what people do on Twitter … and we have seen how the texts of screen captures and tweeter”, justified the company’s boss. Specifically, a tweet will always appear in 140 characters, but once the user clicks on it, he can see the entire text, with a maximum length of 10,000 characters. A revolution in the land of twittos. Romain Rissoan, consultant and author of the book Social networks (ENI editions), the decrypts.

Twitter, why they plans to increase the maximum number of letters on the network?

The problem with Twitter is that it does not make money. The company clearly needs to find a solution and seeks to attract more users by democratizing its tool.

More like Facebook?

Twitter wants to change its mold.   They have just done their latest change transforming the Favourite button into a “Like” button.  Before, it was used mostly to set aside a tweet to read the article linked later; now, it is equivalent to like on Facebook.  Twitter wants to take on Facebook  and compete head on, and no longer be a tool reserved for geeks.  This is the strategy of all social networks at the moment.

Ultimately, the challenge is obviously advertising …

Of course. The more social network users, the better it can promote advertising on its pages.  But today, Twitter is the equivalent of Bing over Google in this market.  Companies will at first buy its advertising via Google AdWords.  Bing comes only as surfers go first on Facebook and possibly also have a Twitter account.

Increasing the maximum number of characters, meets at least one of the users need?

I think so. The proof is that they often post messages cut into several pieces. But this is not without risk to the faithful of the platform.

What risk are you talking about?

The draft Twitter will distort the tool by making it more affordable and closer to Facebook. It’s like asking a Ferrari to drive downtown … When it was launched in 2006, Twitter did not accept neither the pictures nor videos and messages limited to 140 characters. Ten years later, these three principles are buried.  Early users may feel that Twitter is losing its soul.  The risk for the company, so it is losing its heart of users.  But we must believe that this argument does not weigh heavy enough in thinking of its leaders.