Apple’s policy is, once again, cringe …

The controversy gained momentum over the weekend. Online, many Internet users say since November that their iPhone has become unusable after installing the latest update of iOS.  According to The Guardian , the “error 53” fatal, affects mainly those who have to repair the sensor fingerprint, Touch ID, in a non-authorized service by Apple. And Apple has confirmed to British newspaper that it was a security system to protect the smartphone.

“IOS verifies that the Touch ID sensor corresponds to the other components. If it does not, Touch ID and Pay APPE are disabled.  Customers who Error 53 are encouraged to contact the customer service of Apple. ”

Threat of class action

The iFixit website explains in more detail the problem, located at the button of the power cables Home.  If it was changed by a non-authorized service, a synchronization problem occurs and bang, error 53.  This is why official shops that replace a screen always retain the original button. It also appears that Apple stores can resynchronize a new chip in exceptional cases.

So, this apparent war on independent shops goes wrong, like the lack of warning from Apple.  So much the United States, a law firm is studying the possibility of a class action . Because once blocked the iPhone, the only solution seems to be to restore the old home button or buy a new phone.