INTERNET: Record for the social network, Facebook overtaking Myspace …

For the first time, Facebook passes MySpace. in the race to dominate the social networking space.  According to a study by the firm Comscore , the first place site obtains about 124 million unique visitors worldwide against 115 million for the second placed social network site.  By page views, Facebook (with 51 million page views) has also dethroned MySpace (with 45 billion page views).

Good news for the network created in March 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg which makes a great leap in record time to become the social networking sites leader. While Facebook is tackling the Chinese market and its some 230 million Chinese Internet users by launching versions in Mandarin, MySpace, owned by the omnipotent man Rupert Murdoch, tries a different tactic and strategy and so far, keeps control in the United States with about 74 million unique visitors (compared to 36 million for Facebook).

In France, Facebook remains second

In France more than half of french internet users are connected to social networks. Except that in France, it is neither Facebook nor MySpace that pleases the most, but the Twitter platform. “The results of Facebook in France clearly show what can happen in just one year, says Delphine Gatignol to Comscore . There is a year, the site was only a minor competitor among social networks in France and now it occupies the second position in the ranking (behind Twitter, therefore, note). Facebook still has much to do before you can reverse the market leader, Twitter. “