Facebook and Eutelsat to offer broadband to millions in Africa

A Eutelsat satellite presented in Paris, January 9, 2015 – Eric Piermont AFP

The two partners will build on the geostationary satellite AMOS-6 …

Africa represents a pool of potential users, but connectivity is hampered by the lack of infrastructure and various obstacles to ensuring adequate access to the Web.This is why the European operator Eutelsat and Facebook have the ambition to offer the broadband Internet by 2016 in Africa, through the geostationary satellite AMOS-6.

“We are excited about (…) to work with Facebook on this new project to provide Internet services in Africa”, welcomed Michel de Rosen, CEO of Eutelsat, this ad. He added that the two partners are committed to “provide reliable Internet solutions at competitive prices, so that more users can surf and thus benefit from the knowledge economy. ”

Artisans and TPE are “the heart of target”

The project fits into the framework of the initiative of the social network Facebook, Internet.org, to accelerate access to connectivity “by focusing on physical barriers, economic and social connection that deprive citizens Internet. ”

For both partners, it is to meet the growing demand for connectivity in Africa, the growth potential is enormous. The heart of target, “it is the needs of economic players, very small companies or artisans,” according to Michel de Rosen.

For this project, Facebook has chosen to rely on Eutelsat operator of geostationary satellites (GEO orbit), that is to say positioned 36,000 km above the Earth.

Eutelsat does not intend “to stop there,” according to Michel de Rosen. “Our intention, beyond this project to bring to Africa the additional satellite capacity to be able to connect a larger number of Africans,” he assured.