Thanks to a program that analyzes data from Facebook Messenger, the social network can help you find out if your friends are sleeping, or not …

Are your friends, long sleepers, or insomniacs?  Facebook can help you find out. Through a program created by a Danish developer, it is now possible to analyze the sleep of your contacts on the social network, via the waking hours and sleep.

Discovering the sleeping habits of your friends

Soren Louv-Jansen, a Danish developer has found a way to study sleep.  The principle is through the Facebook Messenger app, which allows users of the social network to communicate with them privately.  The application indicates especially if your friends are online or not, and if so, the time of their last connection.  As he explained to the Washington Post , the developer has invented a program to analyze the connection status of contacts every ten minutes, to establish sleep patterns. A reliable method to 1 user at about 3, according Soren Louv-Jansen.

Sensitization on metadata and privacy

The purpose of this observation? Warn his contacts. “My goal was not to spy on my friends,” said the Danish, “I just want them to be aware that they leave fingerprints wherever they go.” In other words, only small connection details to Facebook Messenger can tell a lot about their privacy.

Use of metadata (data that govern public private data) as reported by theWashington Post , did not like Facebook. The social network has accused Louv-Jansen Soren of “violating the rules of use” of the network.  But the Dane has said he did not want to encourage people to use the program, but it is always available to those technically minded  on the site Github .