SOCIAL NETWORKS: It’s getting a lot of people …

The mobile messaging from facebook  announced on Wednesday that they have exceeded the symbolic threshold of one billion users for facebook messenger.  This allows the social network to now have two messaging services to more than one billion users as WhatsApp , which he bought in 2014 for more than $ 20 billion, has also passed this symbolic earlier this year.

David Marcus, vice president of Facebook responsible for messaging, cites as major countries use Messenger to North America, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, France, England, and overall most of Europe except Germany and Spain, which are about WhatsApp.

SNCF on Messenger

Just like that already practising Asian messengers like WeChat, Facebook added a little over a year to Messenger a growing number of features (voice or video calls, mobile payments between friends) and third-party services like Uber or Since the spring, it has also opened the doors of applying to companies by enabling them to develop automated software ( ‘bots’) that are integrated directly to Messenger.

More than 18,000 bots have since been launched on the platform, over a billion messages exchanged every month there are between consumers and businesses, and David Marcus says he wants to continue to improve features for users and businesses.