Garmin Forerunner 225The world leader of GPS specialist sports watches, has announced the launch of the Forerunner 225, its first cardio watch …

Run and do not suffer … the throes of a cardio thoracic belt. Garmin has just announced the launch of its Forerunner 225, its first sports watch with heart rate sensor integrated. The Forerunner 225 comes to market one year after the TomTom launched Runner Cardio , which included a cardio sensor, and 2 years after the discrete Alpha of Mio brand, a pioneer in this field.  This is also with Garmin and Mio who have partnered to develop its Forerunner 225 …

The beating of the heart revealed

For the user of a cardio watch, although comfortable on the wrist, it still needs a belt connected to your chest to pick up your heartbeat.  This means that traditionally, those wishing to follow their heart rate during training should be associated with a sports watch is compatible elastic chest strap sold fifty euros.  Fixed under the breast, there hangs a small sensor with two-button … None of this with this cardio watch, the Forerunner 225.  The technology developed by Mio and implemented by Garmin is the presence in the watch of an optical sensor embodied by two green LED bulbs that project their light under the skin of the user. The amount of reflected light is analyzed and used to find the heart rate according to the speed of blood flow.

A sensor on the wrist of activities

The madmen of running are still struggling to fully trust cardio watches, sometimes arguing that their measures are less accurate than those provided by the cardio chest belts.

long Battery Life with GPS and Cardio

10 to 12 hours of battery life with GPS and cardio enabled. – GARMIN

Garmin replies by adding under its Forerunner 225 a silicone membrane which external light filter according to the manufacturer can disturb the measurements. The data will be displayed on the screen including the watch through a display 5 color symbolizing heart rate zone (heating, endurance, aerobic threshold and maximum) in which the runner is.  Expected to be launched in late May in stores and with a recommended price of 299 euros, the latest Garmin will also act as activity sensor, allowing each to calculate its daily number of steps, distance and calories burned. A function now shared by sports watches, bracelets and smart atches connected such as the Aplle watch.