What is Freeware

Freeware: definition

A freeware, also called free software or freeware, is, as its name suggests, a software belonging to one owner, but distributed free.Free does not mean free of rights. That is, a freeware is duplicated freely without any financial contribution; however, a freeware can not be sold, even against a small fee, or modified without the consent of the author of the software.
The purpose of a freeware is to make known its owner. Following the success of free software, it may become, eventually, a shareware (free for a limited time) or even paying and marketed.
Some freeware programs are as good as commercial software, which is a strong advantage for users. One can easily find freeware in different fields (games, antivirus, office, multimedia …). With the advent of the Internet, the free software have grown in large numbers.
By cons, do not confuse free software and free software. It offers freedoms that freeware does not have (it is often supplied with the program sources for the change).
Among the freeware best known include WINAMP, AVG antivirus, FOX MAIL …