HIGH-TECH:  The Korean manufacturer of the smartphone has been on sale since August 19th …

Samsung expected explosion in sales of its Galaxy Note 7, but probably not the device itself. The Korean manufacturer has just suspended shipments of its smartphone on sale from 19 August to conduct “quality control,” he says Reuters . A rare precaution that could be linked to several cases of battery explosions occurred a few days after the release.

At least two people, according to the website Business Korea , have posted on the internet pictures of their completely charred smartphone, saying their battery had exploded while she was in charge. “The Galaxy Note 7 my boyfriend exploded while he was loading at night. I was awakened by the noise and smoke, “thus wrote an Internet user.

Counter the release of the new iPhone

While the manufacturer verify these claims, the news of delays in the delivery falls particularly bad for Samsung, which announced having difficulty following the significant demand for its new PHABLET (halfway between a smartphone and a tablet) , with a 5.7 inch screen, a stylus and an iris scan.

“It is a cold shower for Samsung after all the excitement that its products as Note 7 have recently caused,” said analyst Bryan Ma to Reuters. The Korean giant also relied on these sales to counter the buzz awaited the announcement by Apple of the new generation iPhone, expected on 7 September.