CYBER-SECURITY: This malicious program that can take remote control of the terminal, threatening 90% of smartphones …

The company Trend Micro reported on Tuesday on its website the existence of a new malware that would spread through applications available on the Playstore and touching Android devices.

Dubbed Godless, the malware would attack the devices running Android 5.1 Lollipop or less, or more than 90% of smartphones, said Numerama . If you have Android Marshmallow on your mobile, you do however nothing to fear.

850,000 infected mobiles

At present, the malware have infected 850,000 mobile, mostly in Asia. Trend Micro, a company specializing in security software, has provided a table of implementation of Godless: India (46.19%) is the most affected country, far ahead of Indonesia (10.27%) and Thailand (9.47%).


Godless exploit several different vulnerabilities, some of which are already documented while others are poorly known. This is not reassuring. Once in the terminal, the malware would recover the rights “root” or “the highest level of privilege on the phone,” said Numerama.

The user could be spied

After this takeover, fully-transparent for the user, the malware would download other program elements difficult to remove, says Trend Micro.

It seems that Godless is capable of being controlled remotely by a third party, which could then spy on the user, said Fredzone . However, Google said that measures had been taken to limit the spread of malware.