WEB: The famous plugin from Abode has almost disappeared from the web …

Somewhere, Steve Jobs must be smiling. Seven years after his open letter in which he said he thought all the evil of Flash, Adobe announced Tuesday the end of the famous plugin for 2020.

“We will stop updating and distributing Flash Player end of 2020,” says the company, which wants to “give time” to its customers to complete their migration to other standards (Javascript and HTML 5).

A security wound

Flash had two major flaws: it was very resource intensive, especially on mobile, and its code was full of security loopholes often exploited by hackers.

In fact, Adobe baby was already a corpse. Google banned in the banners and the Chrome browser chooses by default, since last year, the HTML 5 for video. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Flash support would be completely removed from Windows in 2020. According to figures from W3Tech , only 6.3% of websites still use Flash. It was time to pull the plug.