MWC 2016: After numerous leaks, Samsung formalizes the arrival of its Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge …

The worst kept in the mobile telephony secret world just fell. Samsung has made official on Sunday the launch in mid-March its new high-end smartphones. The galaxy of “S” is now shining S7 and S7 Edge. These announcements come one year almost to the day after that of its S6 and S6 Edge. And like last year, the manufacturer takes advantage of the Mobile World Congress, held from 22 to 25 February in Barcelona to the buzz around its new products.

For several days, the web buzzing of a thousand rumors about the new smartphone flagships of the fleet Samsung. Specifications, photos, videos and even rate more or less official had leaked, giving almost the presentations that the manufacturer has to make Barcelona a non-event perfume.

beautiful design

Unsurprisingly therefore, the S7 and S7 Edge alike as two drops of water to their elders. The S7 features a screen of 5.1 ” (eg S6) and the S7 Edge to edge curved screen of 5.5 ” (while the S6 Edge offered 5.1 ” only). A priori, Samsung seems to abandon the diagonal of 5.7 ” which was that the Galaxy S6 Edge +. Super-Amoled with flattering contrasts, quad-HD screens S7 and S7 Edge appealing at first glance.And with 0.46 mm thick on the part where the camera sensor is located, the two terminals are undeniably beautiful objects.

Photo of progress still to prove

Photo side precisely, Samsung claims progress. If the manufacturer reduces the sensitivity of its sensors which went from 16 megapixels to 12 megapixels, it doubles the solar cells that compose them. And Samsung announced a gain in brightness by 95%. And with a focal opening of f / 1.7, the S7 and S7 Edge are expected much more suitable for low-light shooting. It will further testing those, inconclusive, we could briefly perform or not to confirm if these promises are kept …

From the standpoint of ergonomics Edge S7 and rounded edge offer more. As the S6 Edge include the ability to customize one or the other edge of smartphone with icons of her favorite or its privileged contacts applications. But this time it is no longer on a single vertical line it is possible to have these “favorites”, but two, bringing the number of icons directly accessible with the thumb to ten.

Autonomy, sealing: real progress

Among the interesting innovations, note the Always on Display function ( “Always on screen”). The latter, already proven on the first Lumia 900 from Nokia / Microsoft and expected in the future G5 LG displays permanently some data: time, calendar … The phone can remain installed and deliver these some information continuously. Each pixel of the display can be switched individually, this display on a black background would not be power hungry. Samsung is also emphasis on its battery Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, with capacities of 3000 and 3600 mAh. In the best case, the autonomy of smartphones could exceed two days without recharging.

The camera of the Galaxy S7 has been improved for low light level photos

The camera of the Galaxy S7 has been improved for low light level photos

Another highlight: the two terminals are resistant to water splashes and dust. A IP68, the risk of damage is minimized. Sooner or later he will have Apple also offers this specificity on his iPhone so its absence is more task.

The rates are not official

Still a question about the date of sale of new toys of the South Korean brand. Their rate could be 699 and 799 euros in 32 GB respectively, the most amounts circulating in the aisles of the Mobile World Congress and previously announced by Neowin . If these prove to be accurate, the newcomers would be up to 60 euros cheaper than older at the time of launch.