Google has just released an updated version of its Google Contacts App, which besides an easier interface, adds some useful features …

We all know that Google’s Contacts app is a really great app for the management of your contacts. The problem was though that it still lacked many features, but with this update from Google, it makes the app much more practical and workable.

With this update, Google have brought features from its web version to the android app. The new version of the app is v1.5.  This new update also changes the user inferface with a fresher and easier to use look.  In the previous version of contacts,  it had two tabs; ‘All’ and ‘Favourite’. Now the app comes with a hamburger button, which will showcase a new section for managing duplicate contacts.

Now the app allows you to add labels to your contacts, which is a must needed addition, and one that is wanted.  Now you can label contacts as family, work, school etc, which will make things easier to manage for those who have huge list of contacts.

The latest version of Google Contacts is rolling out slowly, or you could head to Play Store to check out the update.