Hangouts app updated

Hangouts 4.0 changes to the “Material Design”. – GOOGLE

The app goes “material design” and simplifies communications …

We can get lost a bit in communications on Android.  On Monday, Google is trying to simplify the situation with an update of its Hangouts app, which will be conducted gradually in the coming hours.  Like Gmail or Maps version 4.0 it changes its appearance to the “Material design” of Android Lollipop, with menus and functions a bit clearer.

The button “compose” lets start a conversation with one or more persons.  Above all, the system allows attachments to share any item with a gesture (GIF, geolocation, photo, video etc.)

A separate app for VoIP

The separate Hangouts Dialer application, which allows you to call free on VoIP, is also updated.   Now, the number appears more “hidden”, allowing Grandma to know who called.  IT is too bad that Google does not integrate the dialer directly into Hangouts.

For those who wish, Hangouts can also manage SMS.  Otherwise, there is the traditional Android app, or the recent Google Messenger, with better support for MMS.  We are still waiting for the great unification of all services into one app.