Google is launching a new tablet, two smartphones and new chromecast

The Pixel C tablet, Nexus smartphones and 5X 6P and new Chromecast, audio and video of Google. – GOOGLE

The company relies on aggressive prices …

Google is upping their game. On Wednesday, the California company unveiled its new family of devices responsible for accompanying the latest update of Android, named Marshmallow. On the program: two smartphones and a Pixel Nexus tablet, and new Chromecast for video and audio.

The bad news is that France will have to wait to receive the Nexus 5X, manufactured by LG, and 6P, Chinese Huawei. Available in October in the United States, Canada, Japan and Ireland, the two smartphones are expected to arrive a few weeks later in France, according to a representative from Google France.

Like the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the new Nexus is available in two screen sizes, 5.2 and 5.7 inches. The first wants to get a place on the mid-range, with its plastic shell and limited resolution of full HD. Light and pleasant at first taken in hand, he just defy the Moto X Play, from 379 dollars. Heavier, his big brother offers aluminum finish and a quad screen HD (2560×1440 pixels). Above all, the two devices corrects the main defect of Nexus, with a camera made by Sony which Google swears, is more sensitive to light than the last iPhone.

A tablet and audio Chromecast

With Pixel C, Google ventures in the field of machinery “convertible” with a magnetic detachable keyboard that adjusts at will. With some key removed, it is easy to tape but 10.2 inch screen might be too small for office. At $ 499 (plus the keyboard to 149 dollars), the tablet, expected late 2015, remains more affordable than the iPad Pro.

On the side of the TV, the small HDMI key Chromecast has a significant update, with better wifi radio and a more practical design. Google Launches “Audio” version, also $ 35, which turns any old stereo in connected speakers. Android Marshmallow finally wants to fit each user, including suggesting shortcuts to the most used apps by time of day, and with Google Now assistant, which analyzes all the information on the screen. Slowly, our gadgets are getting smarter.