GoPro are to launch a lower priced camera to take on the competition

Launched October 4th, the GoPro Hero + will be sold 230 euros. – GO PRO

VIDEO leader in cameras extreme, would cede to panic in the face of competition? … 

Panic among GoPro? Always undisputed leader in the market for cameras in the extreme, the California firm multiplying initiatives to try to counter competition.Sony, Cam NPC, Panasonic, T’nB, Kodak … all engaged him not surfing success and offering sporting cameras often (much) cheaper. Result: GoPro left the market entry to its rivals. After the GoPro Hero, a basic low-cost camera still filming in Full HD (at 25 and 30 frames per second) and taking pictures with 5 megapixels, up to the Hero +. This new model, launched October 4 to 230 euros, just hold the camera market segment in the near sale price of 250 euros, a previously unoccupied niche by GoPro.

The Hero 4 Session already at 100 euros less

Technically, the Hero + shoots in Full HD (1080p / 60 frames / s) and HD (720p / 60 i / s). She takes photos in 8 megapixels and has the popular features sports: Time Laps to break an action and a continuous shooting at 5 frames / second. But she does not film in 4K or has LCD. WiFi and Bluetooth, though it can be controlled from a smartphone and share emotions over networks, the GoPro application to select only the most impressive passages videos shot. This output is finally good news for amateur videographers who can finally choose their GoPro in a full range of cameras, sold for 140-530 euros.

GoPro Hero 4 Session has seen a dramatic price reduction

GoPro Hero4 Session launched in July already sees her play down price of 100 euros. – GO PRO

Nevertheless worrying for GoPro (but gratifying for consumers!): The GoPro Hero4 Session launched in July to 430 euros already seen sales drop its tariff of 100 euros. A gift from the firm of billionaire Nick Woodman? Rather a breath of fresh air to try to counter the sales probably insufficient, say the gossips.