How to use google maps

Prepare a route with Google Maps

You want to organize your route with Google Maps? Two options are available to you: plan your route in advance, on a computer … or navigate directly from your smartphone as a GPS. In either case, you simply enter an address into the field of search for Google offers a varied menu. You do not have any address? Zoom and move the map with the mouse, then set a point by clicking. You can then save your search, see the relief and altitude of the area, the traffic in real time … or set a route, from or to this point. By entering a second address or clicking, specify a point B to get a route. Have you changed your mind ? Move this marker by dragging it on the map. Only remains to choose your route options: bike, car, pedestrian, with or without toll …

The Options in Google Maps

Once your route defined, options accumulate! Start by opting for a mode of transport: bike, car, pedestrian, public transport or even air … In the case of a drive, specify your preferences research: with or without tolls, route A or B … Consult the estimated travel time, with or without traffic. Your roadmap is complete? From a computer, click “route Detailed” to print with or without the map. If you use a GPS, set your account to Google in order to directly send the coordinates GPS, at All steps indicated therein. As a route defined from the Google Maps application for smartphone, activate the sound and follow the signs!

Discover a place with Google Maps

You arrived (e) safely? Rather than close your app, deepen the experience. More than just directions, Google Maps offers a real tour guide. From a smartphone, use the compass to locate you. Just therefore to zoom in and click on the map to get information on the surroundings, the ranking restaurants, consumer reviews … From the menu, function “explore the surrounding area” is also available. Looking for a pharmacy? Type “pharmacy” in bar search: the nearest to your location results are instantly displayed on the map. The same opportunities are available to you from a computer to prepare your trip … or visit a city without travelling! Click the marker on the map and select “street view” for realistic 3D tour.