Instagram wants to make its revolution, but not everything goes as planned …

Instagram , the photo sharing app and videos, affiliated company of Facebook since 2012, is preparing its transformation. In mid-March, it has announced the establishment of a new algorithm, which will result in a timeline sorted not chronologically but by relevance : “The order of the pictures and videos in your feed will be based on chance you are interested in content, your relationship with the person the job, and the time of publication. ” The social network justifies this choice by the fact that its 400 million users spend about 70% off the content of their news wire.



Logic “pay”

This update was scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, but the day before, Instagram has cracked a tweet: “We are listening, and we ensure that nothing changes for now.” Why this reversal of last minute ? Because there was panic on board! Indeed, with this new organization, copied / pasted from Facebook, users have the feeling of losing control and visibility into their timeline, especially the stars of the web, people and brands. “If a brand wants his post longer seen, there will be paid logical,” says a branch manager com ‘to Echos . All is said.

Enable notifications

This is why the rejection of hashtags have multiplied on the network: #keepitchronological, #savethetimeline, #stoptheupdate especially #activatenotifications. Enable notifications for each account is indeed the only solution to meet each of their publications chronologically prominently on its news feed, and that Instagrameurs monetize their content did not forget to remind their followers. Instagram was beautiful insisted that all posts will remain visible, but in a different order, the damage was done. The update will wait.

Videos spend 15 to 60 seconds

As to wait, the application brought another change in stride and extended his videos 15 to 60 seconds, a time that advertisers already benefited from two months. “By the time our users spend on videos has increased by 40% in six months, jusitifé Instagram on his blog . She also added a frame counter, which then existed only for photos. Finally, iPhone owners (but not Android) can now create small movies a minute from existing videos. The deployment of these new features will take some time, but if your name is Selena Gomez, it must be good.


So insta has 60 sec vids now… also new stuff ????

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