Social Networks: Instagram users are being abused by an email that seems to come from the social network that asks them to enter a new password …

Instagramers are subject to a target of cyberattacks that has been accelerating since the end of July, according to cybersecurity specialist Kaspersky Labs.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Russian company said it detected, via its tools of protection of the mailboxes of users, a strong acceleration from the 31st July, of “phishing” attemps, or phishing on Instagram , their number has gone from 150 to almost 600 a day.

Most often, users are abused by an email that seems to come from Facebook’s social network, which asks them to renew their password: they give the necessary information to access their account on a page copying the one of the social network.

Complex password and double identification

“Because of its popularity and a number of users that today exceeds one billion, Instagram has always been the target of a lot of fraudsters. Once a criminal has hacked access to an account, he has access to the user’s personal data and correspondence, “added Kaspersky Labs.

On its blog , the social network said that on Tuesday they were alerted that “some people were having difficulties to access their account,” and assured “investigate this problem.”

Instagram also reminded users that “if you receive an email from us informing you of a change in your email address and you have not initiated it, please click on the + reversing this change + link and change your word password “.

The company also mentions that it is important for the need to choose a complex password, combining numbers, letters and punctuation, and to use dual authentication to prevent third party control.

“Our current dual identification system allows users to secure their account via SMS but we are working on developing another dual-ID feature,” added the social network.


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