HIGH-TECH: As reported by the site The Verge, the social network Instagram is reportedly completely rethink the look and colours of the application …

Instagram will soon change its skin? According to the website The Verge , the photo sharing platform are currently testing a new design. Bye bye blue and orange, black and white Hello!

Black and white and a different interface

As reported by The Verge, an aesthetic and graphic revolution hover above the social network users. While currently the design of the application is dominated by the colour blue, black and white is currently being tested among some users of Instagram.

Beyond colour, interface buttons also suffer some changes. The small camera would be more realistic, and the heart of “likes” will emancipate his bubble. Finally, the color orange, which warns the user of its notifications, would change to pink. “A design that feels more modern,” says The Verge, “but perhaps less distinctive than the current version of the application.” Nothing definitive yet, as stated by a spokesman Instagram site, it is “only a test.”