The new mini instax 70 acquires a Selfie mode.

The new mini instax 70 acquires a Selfie mode. – FUJIFILM

PHOTO Fujifilm launches the new generation of its instant camera. Fun and pretty, but not given …

They are called mini 7 7s, 8, 70, 90 or 300 wide, cameras instax Fujifilm follow and do not look alike. Delivering up to date photo instant-as it is practiced in the 70s, these colorful plastic cases and chubby design have a real potential for seduction.Youngest of the family, 70 mini instax charm as his cronies nostalgic years Polaroid.It will be launched on October 22 at Colette * and at Fnac and from specialized dealers.

Un mode selfie

Instax aware that his range was also widely reported among young people, Fujifilm has equipped the Mini 70 from one mode selfie. Camera settings are optimized for brightness and focus and to place a small mirror on the side of the lens (previously one could find it at 1.98 euros on  eBay!) Was added to housing. Also new is an automatic control mode of exposure in order to improve rendering backgrounds hitherto always a bit dark for pictures taken with flash.

Films and costs (very) variable

Sold 129.90 euros, the Mini 70 is not given instax. This is the price of a compact camera like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10. Furthermore, it must supply photo cartridges. And these are not given: from 12,99 EUR 10 views, 1.29 euros photo format 46 x 62 mm. The price for instant emotion and the pleasure of seeing his image be in about 3 minutes.

Fuji have launched a new instant camera

The instax 70 mini works with film cartridges sold to the target price of 12.99 euros for 10 views. – FUJIFILM

Easily circumvented by searching on the Internet, official rates may quickly drop to 35.99 euros … 5 packs of 10 views, or 0.71 euros image. Less vintage, but equally effective, Instar share sp-1 printer for smartphones (sold 149,90 euros) overcomes the housing.  But the souvenir photo does not quite taste the same …