DATA: Apps working with GlassBox would have recorded iPhone screens without their owners’ knowledge

A survey released Wednesday reveals that several applications available on iOS, Apple’s operating system , record the activity of their users. The specialised TechCrunch site  indicates that the concerned apps, some of which are very popular, have partnered with the Israeli company GlassBox for the collection and analysis of the personal data of their users.

But this company claims to be able to observe live the behaviour of owners of iPhones , which goes against the rules set up by the brand to the apple.

GlassBox at the heart of the investigation

“Imagine if your website or app could see exactly what your users are doing in real time and why they did it? It’s no longer a hypothetical question but a real possibility, “GlassBox wrote on his Twitter account last October.

Abercrombie and Fitch, or Expedia are working with GlassBox. But the users who downloaded these apps are not alerted to this monitoring under the Terms of Use.

Screenshots that say a little too much

The survey also mentions a particularly critical case: that of the Air Canada mobile app that has 1.7 million users. Screen shots for the airline’s servers do not include black bars meant to hide passwords or credit card or passport numbers.

Apple has always insisted on the ban for app creators to collect information that is not critical to the smooth running of the program. Faced with these revelations, a spokesman of the group ensures that the brand will not hesitate to “take immediate action if necessary.”