TECHNOLOGY:  Nine Iranian companies are likely to benefit from import licenses issued by the Iranian Ministry of Commerce …

This is good news for Iranians. Iran is preparing to allow first local companies to import the iPhone , hoping to curb smuggling of goods from the American company Apple . The Iranian Ministry of Commerce has requested release nine Iranian companies licenses to import iPhone, according to news agency Tasnim.
Unofficial Apple stores already exist in Tehran and many young Iranians are snapping up the latest models of the famous phone .

A campaign against the smuggling smartphone

The government had long closed its eyes to the heavy traffic of phones and Western products, but according to Tasnim, the authorities conducted the last two months a campaign against the smuggling , which has pushed up prices of iPhone.

Iran has begun for the first time a registration process of mobile phones as part of its fight against smuggling. Only legally imported mobile will be in working order, once the new system in place in the coming weeks.
If the licenses are issued, remains to be seen whether companies will actually buy iPhone, because Iran is subject to US sanctions which deviate from the international banking system.