New Capture Case For iPhone Features Built In Xenon Flash – Add an xenon flash to your iPhone with a new style of phone case to improve your portraits.

Capture Case is a phone case for iPhones that features a built-in Xenon flash and the makers are currently looking for backers for the project over on Kickstarter.

The Capture Case connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and has its own built-in battery as well as an app that has three modes for capturing images with. The built-in Xenon flash is over 1000 times brighter than the standard iPhone flash and as well as improving portraits, the flash gives iPhone users the opportunity to capture high-speed photography such as glass shattering or water splashes.

The differenc a decent flash will make to your iPhone photos

It is slim to fit in a pocket and also features a dedicated shutter button, to make capturing photos easier and quicker.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter page.