Nexpaq Module Phones

Up to 6 modules can be added to Nexpaq bodies. – NEXPAQ

Presented at a Conference in Paris, on Saturday, Nexpaq proposes to add to our smartphones by adding modular components …

The fantasy is of the modular phone assembly.  Being presented in the aisles of the Connected Conference until Saturday, May 30 in Paris, the draft Nexpaq proposes to add components to your smartphone, much like with PCs that were self-assembled in the early 90s.  The idea of Nexpaq differs from that of the baptized kit phone project Ara and defended by Google.  Here, the concept is based on adding modules to existing mobile smartphones. The iPhone 6 Apple and Samsung are already concerned, pending further references.

Up to 6 modules to add

With Nexpaq, you simply slide your smartphone into a shell, meaning you can still use your existing phone as normal.  The shell will also incorporate a booster battery of 1000 mAh, which should offer power for an extra half of a day.  The shell also then has six small square-shaped housings which modules can be connected.  Such modules being proposed are a SD card reader, a thermometer, a powerful speaker, an LED flash, a laser pointer … Nexpaq is also opening it up to developers for them to use their imagination to use new components to develop innovation.

The shell or hull depending how you see it, is estimated to be sold for $ 69 with 4 small modules. Now release though has been released at present.  For now, Nexpaq completed in the coming hours the crowdfunding on Kickstarter and has already raised almost 270,000 dollars.