VIDEO GAMES:  Like “Miitomo”, players can download the game for free and have the opportunity to purchase additional content …

The Nintendo schedule looks loaded the next ten months. In addition to its new console “NX  “, scheduled for March 2017, the firm must also kyotoïte out by this date four new applications for smartphones , which will add to Miitomo, available since late March.

“Pure play”

The Japanese giant, which has already revealed that the following two titles would transpose the gaming universe Animal Crossing  and Fire Emblem mobile, confirmed Wednesday that these applications would be “free-to-play” (F2P) that is free to download, but with the option to purchase additional content directly from the game. the two titles will be exactly “free-to-start,” said the Wall Street Journal Isao Moriyasu, president of the Japanese firm DeNA, which develops these games in collaboration with Nintendo.

The big question therefore now concerns how the pay elements will be integrated in the games, they will be essential to the progress or merely incidental. Nintendo, which has not communicated directly on the subject, was content to declare at the time of the announcement of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem he wanted to offer applications “of several different genres to appeal to diverse audiences” . Only certainty, these two titles will be “pure play”, unlike Miitomo, which is more of a fun social network.