Details of the console could come out this year …

While Nintendo has yet tried to save the Wii U,  soldiering on throughout 2015; it is hoped that 2016 should be the year of the release of the next Japanese console from the manufacturer Nintendo, for now known under the code name “NX”. We know little about the device except that Nintendo promised to say more this year, a climate conducive to the rumours, which are packed in recent days.

Two consoles in one?

Two devices, like two times less likely to avoid repeating the Wii U of failure?According to the latest rumours, the mysterious Nintendo NX console would consist of two separate entities that can communicate with each other, a home console and handheld console. The handheld console would come out in November this year, sold around 200 dollars and room console in 2017, an unknown price, understands the firm Macquarie Research Japan. These consoles would integrate augmented reality.

The device mentioned is obviously thinking about the Wii U, which allows play on the wireless pad screen without turning on his television, but within a few meters around the console. In the case of the Nintendo NX, it would be perhaps a pair of devices allowing, for example, starting a game at home to finish the train. Last October, the Wall Street Journal had reported a similar device.

Compatible with smartphones, PC, and PlayStation 4 …?

Another rumor appeared on NX: she “would work with smartphones, PCs and even rival consoles like the PlayStation 4” written on Twitter Takashi Mochizuki reporter in Japan for the Wall Street Journal.


The journalist says hold the information of a head of Macquarie office, but in the absence of further details, it is better to be cautious. A GfK spokesman, contacted by Takashi Mochizuki, declined to comment:

A final rumor, to handle also with two pairs of gloves, comes to us through a mysterious screen shot of what looks like a survey by the GfK institute. It reads the information in a list that concern the Nintendo NX whose consoles duo already mentioned, but also the ability to stream video in 4K at 60 fps.


While it operates in the field of speculation, nothing has been announced by Nintendo, a detail also attracted the attention of players: the reference to “900p” for the resolution of the console, below the standard for HD 1080p or lower display capabilities with those of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We prefer to wait for the show E3, mid-June to glean more solid information.