A US judge ruled that the financial penalty imposed on Samsung was not sufficient compensation …

Apple won a symbolic legal victory in the “patent war” between it and the South Korean Samsung.  At the end of an official with river opposite the two groups in recent years in California, the US firm got  the ban marketing some old Samsung smartphone models (including the first Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 and S3, according to several specialized websites).

Samsung had already been found guilty of patent infringement, Apple had immediately called for a ban of the offending products. And in its decision, released Monday and taking effect next month, the judge Lucy Koh said that Apple would suffer “irreparable harm” if Samsung continued to use the patents concerned and

“Our featured smartphones remain on sale in the US”

The consequences will however remain limited for Samsung, which no longer sells the devices concerned in the United States. While expressing “very disappointed,” the group said in a statement that its “flagship smartphones that are used and loved by American consumers, will remain on sale in the United States.”

“Although this will not affect US consumers, this is another example of Apple abusing the legal system to create a bad legal precedent that can harm consumers for future generations,” accuses the South Korean group.