So this post is all about Modern Periodic App. Well, if you are studying chemistry or in any field related to chemicals, then the Periodic table chemical app is must have app for you.  In this post we will look at the periodic table app which is available for both iphone and android users and than we will see how to download periodic table app for android and iphone.  So let’s dig down and review useful app for chemical students.

Periodic Table app for Android and iPhone:

Iphone and android Periodic Table of Chemical Elements allows you to browse through the 114 chemical elements with all details right on your smartphone. Periodic Table of Chemical Elements for iphone and android also allows you to search for items by name or view them alphabetically. You will also find a Game Mode, to learn by playing. Whole Table View Mode Mode allows you to increase or decrease the periodic table. Elements of the characters and their ordinal numbers are visible on the individual cells of the periodic table. The background color of individual cells depends on the setting chosen for the color scale.We have the ability to set colors in accordance with the following parameters: – Atomic number, – Atomic mass, – Number of stable isotopes, – Number of known isotopes, – Electronegativity (according to Paulin), – Ionization energy (kJ/mol), – Density, – Melting point (C˚), – Boiling point (C˚), – Contents in lithosphere (%), – Cosmic abundance.

Periodic table app for the iphone and androidIn Single Element View Mode We can also consider other data for each element (other than those listed above), such as the Polish name, Latin name, valence, oxidation state, electronic configuration, the half-life of most stable isotope, the discoverer and year of opening. Game Mode The goal is to put a full periodic table in the order in accordance with his character and the electronic configuration of the ground state (ie the lowest energy state). Place the plate element refers to the right place on the coffee table. If the location is correct, “jumps” of the plate of the cell, if not, then another element of the plate is drawn. All elements are divided into groups of different levels of complexity. Drawing is another element in the low-level of complexity with elements that were not placed on the table during a game session. Periodic Table of Chemical Elements iPhone App

Requirements: Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

In order to download periodic table for android click here and if you are iPhone user than you can download periodic table for iPhone from click here.