Leading downloads in France, Periscope, the video application of Twitter, celebrates 1 year of revolutions, skids, puddle …

The live video streaming is a future challenge for Internet giants. Proof, Google develops discreetly YouTube Connect , its answer to Facebook and Live Periscope. It was time, the last, the application of Twitter, celebrates its first birthday this Saturday, March 26, and is now head of downloads in France

In one year, it has attracted 10 million users, released more than 100 million lives, for a total equivalent to about 400 years, and has even invited more than once in the news. Behind the simple idea of live video, Periscope saw its uses to multiply, more logical the most unexpected.



A communication tool

Of course, the potential for Periscope has not escaped the brands and institutions, seeing a new social network, a new means of communication. At the announcement of his edition 2016, Michelin has unveiled its new restaurants 3 stars live . Fashion has also taken hold of the application, and Top Shop proposed following her show at London Fashion Week on the app, while the top model Caroline de Maigret was supporting the Paris Fashion Week H & M and Chanel inside. Already at the last Music Festival, France 2 Periscope incorporated in its direct device . The policies it also tried, with varying degrees of “success.” François Hollande and com Service ‘Elysee still remember their movement Showroom Private business and the avalanche of insults and jokes.

A (r) evolution journalistic

From the day of its launch, Periscope shakes journalistic habits. As the story Ben Hopper site The Verge , it is on Twitter via a photo when he learns that an explosion took place in New York, and the next moment he follows the live fire “J ‘was there, but without information. “The video stream is even taken by certain channels until their teams arrive at the scene. Since then, reporters recaptured the app, for a more citizen journalism, as Paul Ronzheimer the Bild German and its cover – and personification – of the crisis Syrian refugees.

A television channel

Like the youtubeurs, Periscope allows everyone to open or to become a live TV channel. It is the will of Keyvon Beykpour, cofounder of the application, and already the case for the American illustrator Amanda Olenader who made his life a reality and became a star. The prestigious New York Magazine has even dedicated a portrait. Since late January, France has its first Periscope chain WeScope TV , which offers different types of emissions: geek, cooking, cinema …

A court of miracles

The scandal Serge Aurier, the slippage of a young footballer Auxerre, video of a prison inmate of Beziers, a live burglary or false execution of a pedophile … Everyone can stream everything, especially n ‘ anything on Periscope. With the consequences that go with that and can end up in the media or fall foul of the law.Periscope is a space of freedom, and can very quickly turn into court of miracles, with videos that should never have come out or that we would be gone.

And suddenly empty … life?

This was the first true “event” Periscope, and it is symbolic. For several hours January 6, 2016, 500,000 users have followed the adventures … a puddle . Led by an advertising agency via keyword #DrummondPuddleWatch, the beautiful story was therefore not really, not totally, but recalls the magic of the internets and has created a moment of suspension, fascination, in Newcastle live a park in England and on social networks worldwide. Moreover, some make Periscope a new temple of meditation