Rayman fans, who have been desperate to play Fiesta Run on your Windows Phone? Your wait and desperation is finally over. You can head over to the Windows Store, and grab Ubisoft’s new fun loving platformer, and party the week away. Rayman Fiesta Run initially landed on the India Store just under a week ago, but it appears that the game is now available to players worldwide.

Rayman Fiesta Run has delighted players on other platforms with its fun environments, cool boss fights, special new powers, creative traps, bigger and bolder enemies, and challenges, all wrapped up in 75 deliciously appealing levels. Windows users who seem to be waiting forever for the good games to land on the platform can finally enjoy the game with all the perks of Xbox live, such as tracking the game progress, earning achievements, and even following friends on the world map.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any trial version, or free version of the game, but it is Rayman after all so it shouldn’t really matter.  Visit your windows store now to grab this endearingly fun Rayman game.