Following the rapid invasion of 8520, several competitors of RIM launched BlackBerry-like smrtphones with more or less convincing results. The Sony Ericsson Txt is a good example.

Plastic, plastic and plastic

Who says cheap phone said construction in a hurry. This adage, yet often undermined by detonating products at low prices, is here perfectly suitable for Sony Ericsson. The Txt is light, but very average plastic, too light to be solid and poorly assembled with around play.

Fortunately, the grip is quite good, and the number of physical buttons, out keyboard, is consistent and provides access to basic functions quickly. However, it remains far from an ergonomic marvel.

Top ! I am…

… a huge asset to write text quickly, often made up of more than 100 keys on a computer, this number decreases over a telephone version, I used to write letters, numbers and symbols of all kinds and I have not especially not be overlooked when it’s the specialty of the product I team, I’m, I’m, I’m …

The keyboard! Yes, but all this does not seem obvious for Sony Ericsson. Despite its ultra-orientation writing text messages, the keyboard Txt is not at the level of its ambitions too rigid to support with a soft material, a little too pronounced texture and minimal feedback, we is light years ahead of what offers the aforementioned Curve. Yet it was available at € 1 with subscription.

Multimedia on the same path

No surprises multimedia side, between the small screen impractical and difficult to read, and very limited power and proprietary OS, we could not expect much. This is quickly confirmed. The music player is very basic, without any additional function. And it must be pretty motivated to watch any video.

Internet side, the browser is there to the principle than anything else. The screen, once again, is too small and complicated for successful web browsing to manage. The performances are anyway not there to use the net in good conditions. Especially since the Txt is entitled to Wi-Fi but not 3G.

Finally it is the autonomy that .txt is doing better. As often with small phones on OS owners, the Txt puts many smartphones in the wind exceeding carefree day of operation. At the same time, given the extremely limited use that has …

short, you’ll understand if you want a smartphone with a keyboard for your messages then buy a Curve, not a Sony Ericsson txt.

Sony Ericsson txtReview of the Sony Ericsson TxtThe camera on the Sony Ericsson TxtConclusion

Not much to reproach him in conversation, the Sony Ericsson Txt is average. We just ensure that one of the two parties is not in too noisy place.

Where this fits into the market place is difficult as it is more limited and far from one of the best smartphones. On the other hand, this is not a phone for a minister or business man, far from it …